YTT Information Session In Studio
12:00 to 12:30 Sat 17th Feb

SlowLane 200hr YTT

Spring 2024

Yoga Teacher Training

Introducing SlowLane Teacher Training 2024

We invite you on a journey like no other. Joining some of Melbourne’s best loved and most knowledgeable yoga teachers, we will give you our full heart on our training and share with you years worth of our knowledge and wisdom. Our days will be spent together in this haven of a studio, studying, practicing, observing, resting and laughing.

Spend time with like minded people and learn all things yoga. This training will crack you wide open and lead you deeper into your true self.

This training is steeped in the ancient traditions of yoga but we are a modern school of yoga and don’t “belong” to any lineage.

We will practice, learn theory and consider philosophy from a range of different lineages or traditions and explore them in their relationships to contemporary living – sprinkled with both our experiences and yours.

Graduate Testimonials

Hear from our graduates in their own words as they reflect on the SlowLane YTT experience

Why SlowLane ?

We are stoked to be offering this training from our home studio in Moonee Ponds, Melbourne. Our SlowLane walls are full of love, passion and good time vibes. Our teaching training team is made up of epic humans who amongst us have many years of experience as teachers and students – we will give you our full heart.

Some the amazing reasons to Teacher Training with SlowLane include:

Deepen Your Practice: With extended practices under the guidance of our most experienced teachers, you will develop a more intimate and detailed understanding of your own practice

Practice Teach from Day 1: not just learn theory. Get support and feedback on your teaching skills in a fun and easy going setting to unleash the authentic you within your teaching

Ongoing Mentoring. This course is just the beginning, we love to see our mentees thrive and flourish – several previous YTT graduates are now on the SlowLane Team right now

Teach to the Public:  All graduates get the option to lead a community class in The SlowLane

Free Access to the SlowLane: complimentary classesfor the duration of the training 

Dates and Times

This training is run over 8 weekends (over 3 months duration)

Friday evenings* 1800 to 2100 | Saturdays 1030 to 1800 | Sundays 1030 to 1630

Opening Ceremony: Fri 30th August

Sat 31st August and Sun 1st September

Friday 13th September, Saturday 14th September and Sunday 15th September

Friday 20th September, Saturday 21st September and Sunday 22nd September

Friday 4th October, Saturday 5th October, and Sunday 6th October

Friday 11th October, Saturday 12th October, and Sunday 13th October

Friday 25th October, Saturday 26th October, and Sunday 27th October

Saturday 9th November and Sunday 10th November

Friday 15th November (all day attendance required on this one particular Friday)

Saturday 15th  November and Sunday 16th November

Your YTT Facilitation Team (+ Epic Guest Teachers)

We are Phoebe and Iestyn – yoga teachers and studio owners of SlowLane Yoga located in Moonee Ponds, Melbourne Australia. 
We see life as an adventure with many chapters and teaching yoga and sharing our passion with the studio community is our biggest joy. We are very excited to be facilitating our 200 hour yoga teacher training this spring alongside some of the best teachers in Melbourne and we cannot wait to watch another epic group of students grow through this transformative journey. 
We would love for you to join us 🙂


Phoebe is a dedicated student of yoga and has been teaching for ten years. Living and breathing her passion for yoga, she wants to introduce the practice to as many people as she can 🙂

Phoebe had dabbled on and off with yoga over the years but was very inconsistent. This all changed during a 1 month stay in New York in the depths of winter, where she finally began a regular yoga practice.

Very quickly she knew this practice was going to be life changing . After many years of feeling ungrounded and generally slightly lost with the purpose of life, it was like a lot of her questions were answered and she was drawn to the present moment.

Phoebe’s classes are nurturing and a mixture of steady strong asana, sprinkles of philosophy and fun times. Phoebe’s favorite quote is ‘life is an adventure, follow your dreams“. One such dream was to open a yoga studio with her husband and this dream came true in 2019 and is now super excited to be running teacher training from her love, the SlowLane.


Iestyn reluctantly fell into Yoga looking to overcome injury and escape the ear-biting November winds of New York.

His initial practice was “all fire” as he embraced the physical challenge with enthusiasm but a grimace. With time, Iestyn was introduced to Vinyasa – which added “a little water to douse the fire” and began to realise the physical, mental and emotional benefits without the extremities of exertion.

Iestyn fell firmly into the camp of “not wanting to teach” but with time came the revelation that not only could he teach but the passion to teach was bursting from the seams.

Fast forward many years and now Iestyn teaches for purpose of supporting others yoga journey to unfold and blossom.

Iestyn’s primary areas of passion and focus lie in the transformational practices of strong asana, extended pranayama and making sense of yogic philosophy for the “everyday yogi”.

Syllabus Areas

Asana Practice

Teacher guided daily practice and group asana labs/ posture clinics. You will learn the foundations of the key asanas. Learn how different bodies adopt these asanas and learn the variations of each pose. Deepen your own practice and give you the tools to teach others.

Subtle Practices: Meditation, Pranayama

Teacher guided subtle practices including pranayama, mantra, kriya, meditation. Learn different techniques that will help you deepen your own practice and give you the confidence to teach others.

Anatomy for Yoga

Improve your understanding of both the muscular skeletal system and “the subtle body” to help improve your own practice, and to teach and sequence safely with an anatomical confidence. Learn how to modify poses and teach using props, understand and interpret real bodies.

Philosophy & History of Yoga

Study the ancient teachings of yoga with a modern and practical lens through a combination of self-study, group work, lecture and seminar formats. We dive deep into the Eight Limbs of Yoga and explore how to incorporate these teachings into your daily life. We aim to make the ancient teachings relatable to life as now. The body of philosophy we will cover is drawn from the yoga “sutras” and beyond, topics will include the definitions and history of yoga, “The eight limbs”, kleishas, gunas, koshas, yogic deities and the relationship with Ayurveda.

Teaching :Theory & Observation

Learn about what is required to put together and deliver a great class – we cover topics such as applying anatomy, sequencing and theming, managing mixed level class with options, teaching with authenticity and presence.

Teaching: Practice

Teaching practice with guidance, coaching and mentoring. Progress with self-teaching to group and start working on “your first class”, ready to teach a community class to the public.

Business of Yoga, Yoga Ethics, Health and Wellbeing-

Learn how to develop your own business and land your first teaching job. Learn how to build a social media presence and how to advocate for yourself in the Yoga industry.

Explore the ethics of Yoga and how this applies to teaching, self practice and boundary setting. Learn how to support yourself and your students in the long term.

Pricing Options

$3,399 Paid Up Front

Early Bird Pricing
Bookings Before June 30th

$1000 deposit secures your spot

Balance of $2,399 to be paid in full before August 23rd

(if you wish to join the training after August 19th has passed please email us [email protected])

$3,399 Payment Plan

Early Bird Pricing
Bookings Before June 30th

$1000 deposit secures your spot

Payment Plan for Balance:
$799 on or before September 30th
$799 on or before October 31st
$799 on or before November 15th


$3,799 Paid Up Front

Regular Pricing
Bookings After June 30th

$1000 deposit secures your spot

Balance of $2,799 to be paid in full before August 23rd

(if you wish to join the training after August 19th has passed please email us [email protected])

$3,799 Payment Plan

Regular Pricing
Bookings After June 30th

$1000 deposit secures your spot

Payment Plan for Balance:
$933 on or before September 30th
$933 on or before October 31st
$933 on or before November 15th


Key Terms

  • By booking you accept all terms and conditions – these are listed in full on the booking page
  • All YTT deposits and subsequent payments are non refundable once made
  • In the event you cannot complete the course due to sickness or other mitigating circumstances a portion of your payment may be used as credit for another Teacher Training within two years of your original Teacher Training date, or alternatively we will gladly transfer your credit to another guest of your nomination
  • Full attendance is required to receive the SlowLane certification. If you know in advance and let us know of any dates/session you cannot make then we may offer free “catch up” options for you. If you are “no show” without advance notice for any reason then in order to receive certification you need to organise “catch up” with us at a cost of $100/hr as required


What if I don’t want to Teach?

No probs. Our training has been designed for both students who want to teach and those that want to deepen their practice and/or learn more about yoga.
At the end of the training you may change your mind and decide you want to teach, just know this is always your choice 🙂

Do I need to have strong / advanced practice?

This is not necessary but you must come with an open mind and a desire to learn and step out of your comfort zone. Physical asana is only one aspect of this training but you must be aware that the training does consist of many hours of physical practice.
We expect you to have a basic, foundational knowledge of yoga from your practice and closer to the time of the training (if you haven’t already) a more consistent weekly practice is encouraged (e.g. 3+ classes a week, in studio or home practice)

Are there payment plans available?

Yes – please see the Pricing section of this page. Once the deposit is page, the balance of your course fees are spread across the 3 payments over the duration of the course. Please note that the course fees must be paid in full before completion of the course in order for you to receive your certification.

What are the hours of study/ commitment per week?

During the course there will be “homework” and “self study” but its designed to complement the course and your learning. On average across the course duration you should plan for between 3 and 5 hours each week. Some of these hours will be reading but others might be “practical” in terms of class planning or practice teaching. Additionally, there will be set pre-reading ahead of the commencement date.

Do I need 100% attendance to complete the training?

We ask that anyone who is considering signing up that you are 100% in. Our preference is 100% attendance to make this fair on everyone attending. If you do miss a day/ weekend you may be able to make up for this ( may incur an additional fee) at an alternative time.

What style of yoga will we learn?

There is a very long answer to this involving a bit of a history of yoga and understanding of how different styles have influenced each other – we’ll talk about that during the course. However, the easy and short answer for now is “Vinyasa”

Is there a theory and practical exam??

Yes. To complete the SlowLane 200hr Training successfully there will be both practical and theory assessment.

The theory assessment will include a range of “quiz type’ formats throughout to check your learning at pace, and then a more formal written submission which we would describe more as an “essay” than an “exam”. The written submission will assess your understanding of learning and yoga philosophy, and ability to relate the principles to practical examples and self reflection. We prefer this to an “Exam” format because exams tend to test “recall” rather than “understanding”.

Teaching assessment: your practical teaching will be reviewed throughout the training time and towards the end of the training you will be expected to prepare and teach a 30 mins sequence created by you to the rest of the group.

Are there any criteria to apply for this course?

No, this is the foundational or entry level teacher training.

Upon completion of training what certificate will I receive?

A SlowLane yoga 200 Hour Vinyasa yoga teacher training certificate, hard and soft copy

Is there anything required of me prior to the course?

There will be pre reading list and some specific set pre-reading (detail will be provided well ahead of the course start)

What will I need to bring to the training?
  • A yoga mat (we can provide if you don’t have one)
    Reading material (a full reading list will be provided to you)
  • BYO food and snacks, we have a microwave and there are plenty of places close by to the studio as well
  • Water bottle
  • Notepad and pen
What If I Get Sick?

We ask you not attend the relevant sessions if you become unwell at all. For a short sickness period we will negotiate in good faith a method for you to “catch up on the hours”. In the event of a longer sickness period preventing your completion of the course, we will be able to offer you credit towards / access to the next time we run this course.

Want to Chat Before You Commit ?

If you’d like to meet us before you commit or have the opportunity to ask us some questions… that is so fine ! You can book a 30 min zoom meeting with us right here in the section below – we look forward to meeting you !