Dream Team

We at SlowLane don’t belong to a “lineage” – our team draw on a wide range of inspiration from all types of yoga and other types of movement beyond. Each of our teachers is unique and brings their own experiences and personality – if you are new to SlowLane, be sure to try a few different teachers and experience the variety.


SlowLane Founder

Teaches with love and encouragement

Ocean dipper and star gazer

Earthy and a bit cheeky – an all round Kapha


SlowLane Founder

Teaches to challenge and energise

Kombi moocher and open road wanderer

Sensitive and loving daydreamer – a classic Pisces


SlowLane Teacher

Teaches grounding and calming asana

Self growth enthusiast

Ocean lover and van camper

Really really chilled… some would say too much


SlowLane Teacher

Teaches rhythmic and whole hearted sequenced classes

If i were an animal, I’d totally be a cheetah, meow!


SlowLane Teacher

Teaches with energy – loves sweaty vinyasa

Outdoor lover – wishes could fly like a bird

Prone to talking legs off chairs


SlowLane Teacher

Teaches with an emphasis on philosophy and a journey back to the heart

Can’t live without porridge

When not in the studio can be found frolicking in nature 🙂


SlowLane Teacher

Teaches to create a safe space of deep exploration

Quietly goofy

Happiest when close to the earth, extra points for sunshine


SlowLane Teacher

Teaches to inspire awareness and noticing 

A sun baby that is always cold 

Never opposed to a spontaneous adventure