Dream Team

We at SlowLane don’t belong to a “lineage” – our team draw on a wide range of inspiration from all types of yoga and other types of movement beyond. Each of our teachers is unique and brings their own experiences and personality – if you are new to SlowLane, be sure to try a few different teachers and experience the variety.


SlowLane Founder

Teaches with love and encouragement

Ocean dipper and star gazer

Earthy and a bit cheeky – an all round Kapha


SlowLane Founder

Teaches to challenge and energise

Kombi moocher and open road wanderer

Sensitive and loving daydreamer – a classic Pisces


SlowLane Teacher

Teaches grounding and calming asana

Self growth enthusiast

Really really chilled… some would say too much


SlowLane Teacher

Teaches rhythmic and whole hearted sequenced classes

If i were an animal, I’d totally be a cheetah, meow!


SlowLane Teacher

Teaches a purposeful practice with breathwork, mantra, mudra and meditation

Loves to bake

Self confessed crazy bird lady


SlowLane Teacher

Teaches to inspire a connection to the divine wisdom and energy within and have a lot of fun along the way.

Ocean lover, early riser, adventure seeker.


SlowLane Teacher

Plant-based living, animal loving and peanut butter enthusiast.

 Teaches to build strength and stamina through accessible postures with a hint of challenge. 


Thoroughly enjoys a solid chaturanga.


SlowLane Teacher

Teaches with heart and the intention to vitalise
Sunset chaser and messy painter
Guided by the moon


SlowLane Teacher

Teaches with support and empowerment

In love with all animals

Will be found camping near the ocean!


SlowLane Teacher

Teaches feel-good movements 

Loves a spicy flow and a laugh along the way

A creative, dog-lover who sings along to anything on Smooth FM