A Four Part Series


A 4 week series with Elsie
Dates Tuesday June 20th, Tuesday June 27th, Tuesday July 4th, Tuesday July 11th
Time: 7.30pm to 9pm
Investment: $250 Member Pricing and $285 Non Member
Running over 4 weeks “Held” is your invitation to practice slow movement, yin-style shapes, somatic exploration, mindful breath practices and rest.

This series is designed to invite in a slower pace as we unpack the themes of orienting through the senses for a felt sense of safety and release, grounding into the earth for support and stability, and centring through the different planes of the body, and noticing what it feels like to move from this place, in a way that feels in alignment for you.

We will unfold how we can tend to the nervous system using techniques and practices to guide you toward a feeling of being held. Some of these small pockets of exploration you may take with you, out of the studio, to use as gentle reminders and resources to orient yourself throughout your day, ground yourself in the moment or centre into your body.

Week One: Orienting*

We will orient our bodies to the external and internal landscapes. We will start by exploring a sense of safety & joy in the container of the space and community, before moving to the surface of the skin through some self-holding practices. There will also be the opportunity to tune into the body and track feelings, thoughts and sensations should they arise.

Week Two: Grounding

We will connect with what it feels like to ground the body, mind and soul. Beginning with an embodied acknowledgement of country, we will explore what it means for you to be living on country and what resourcing you receive from the natural world. We will venture into some somatic practices and yin-style shapes that may help you to feel more grounded, discovering what works for your body and leaving behind what doesn’t.

Week Three: Centering: Earth to Sky & Social Width

We will build upon our knowledge to start to find centre; an experience of our bodies that is in alignment with how we are feeling at any given moment. This will include some breath and somatic practices of yielding – balancing the body between collapse and propping in a way that may lead to you feeling held between the earth and the sky – as well as connecting to our experience of social width by joining breath and movement.

Week Four: Centering: Support & Trust

We will feel into the front and back body – areas of support, ancestry, and knowledge, as well as future and possibility. There will be some yin-style shapes as we explore these two polarities, our tendency to lean into one or the other, as well as finding a balance between the two. In our last week, we will start to put all of the pieces together and be guided by what it feels like to move from a place of centre – not just in a physical sense, but cultivating value and meaning, and where you may access that within your body.

My intention is to offer a container where everyone is able to feel safe and at ease, practising at a pace and in a style that is unhurried and provides comfort. Everyone is welcome and encouraged, and options and variations of the practices will be provided throughout.

Each practice throughout this program is invitational and offers an avenue to look inward, introducing you to different resources and tools to tend to your nervous system, and perhaps feel empowered to bring these practices off the mat, whenever there is a need or desire.

*There is an invitation to bring in an item from nature or your home which brings your a sense of joy when gazing upon it which you can keep with you through the program.

Beginner friendly, no previous yoga experience required.