Weekly Class in 2020

Our “Foundations” class will become weekly in 2020.

“Foundations” is a Vinyasa flow style class where we break down step by step the foundations of the practice. This class is great for beginners or those looking to revisit the basics of the practice. 

Saturdays at 11:00.


Welcome to 2020:

Yin, Meditation & Intention (Sankulpa) Workshop 

Workshop with Iestyn & Phoebe : Friday 17th January 18:00 to 20:00

Join Iestyn and Phoebe, creators of SlowLane yoga, to reflect on 2019 and set clear intentions for 2020.
Expect the workshop to open with a discussion around reflections of 2019 and tools to guide you to set clear intentions for the year ahead, using yogic philosophy as part of our guidelines.
The second part of the workshop will lead into pranayama techniques and practices, gentle restorative/ yin postures and closing with guided meditation.  Expect to leave the workshop feeling like you are ready for 2020 in a blissful calm state.
Over the 2 hours this workshop will cover intention setting and yogic philosophy, meditation, pranayama and gentle asana.
A journal or note pad could be a good idea to note anything down you experience and discuss during this workshop. This workshop is designed for all levels, come along with an open mind and a curiosity to learn something.


FREE for unlimited SlowLane Members
(Direct debit or 3/6/12 month passes)

$30 Drop in price
(drop in or other pass types)

Releasing Stuck Emotions to Find Inner Joy

Workshop with Bobby Hancock : Saturday 15th February 11:00 to 13:00

Over 2-hours, Bobby will guide you through a special yoga journey with the intention of identifying and releasing any stuck or pent-up emotions such as anger, anxiety and frustration through ancient yogic practices.

In this workshop you can expect a slow strong asana flow, kriya practices intended to release what we may be holding on to, breathwork that will bring us into a clearer state of consciousness, and some reflective time in meditation with a focus on healing and compassion.

This workshop is a great way to release any suppressed energy and stuck emotions, and connect with your inner joy. A journal or note pad could be a good idea to note anything down you experience during this workshop. This workshop is designed for all levels, come along with an open mind and a curiosity to learn something.

Investment : $35 for SlowLane members, drop in price $45

The Yoga of Sensory Awareness

A 4.5 Day Intensive with Donna Fahri

March 20 to March 24 2020

The Yoga of Sensory Awareness​​ 

A 4.5 Day Intensive with Donna Fahri – March 20 to 24 2020

​How long should I stay? How deep should I go? What should I do today? What should I be feeling? These are all questions that arise through seeking an external reference and standing outside our own direct experience. Yet, the “breaking news” of the body’s weather is arising moment-to-moment as a fresh and accurate portrayal of our inner experience, whatever it may be.

​Learning to adapt and tailor our approach based on this body weather report can transform Yoga practice into a powerful self-inquiry that paves the way towards self knowledge and self healing.

Our sense perception offers us knowledge through direct experience versus knowledge as information, yet from a very young age we’re taught to distrust our felt perception.

​Years of indoctrination in methods, techniques, and formulaic paradigms developed by outside authorities can tyrannize perception, pulling us away from, rather than towards our own insight.

​Unconscious conditioning about pain, comfort, effort and relaxation, can thwart self-care towards self-coercion.

​​This intensive is an opportunity to explore building a greater connection to and confidence in your own kinesthesia and interoception.  As you shift from the outward striving of acquisition towards the inward journey of inquisitiveness the body suggests new options, vectors, and subtle possible entry points into movement leading you back to what is true and helpful.

Our day will be filled with brief sitting meditations, delightful movement inquiry, sensory awareness explorations, and slow yet deep Yoga practice.​

​We’ll also use progressively longer Yoga Nidra practices to heighten the relaxation response and reveal the deeper messaging of our embodiment.

This ​​​4.5 day intensive is for practitioners of Yoga and somatics with at least one year’s consistent personal practice.

Investment : $635 NZD
Bookings to be made directly through the Donna Fahri website


Introduction to Arm Balancing

2 Hour Workshop with Kat Harvey Barakat  – March 28 at 11:00

Suitable for all levels, this workshop is designed to cover the basics of arm balancing.

Topics covered in this class will cover correct hand placement, correct activation of bandhas to create lightness on the hands, how to use every practice to create “incidental” strength training drills and the art of leaning safe exits from potential falls.

Following preparatory warm up of key muscles, some the postures we will explore include crow, side crow, flying pigeon and twisted dragon fly.

Bookings will be released soon – email your interest to [email protected] 

More events coming soon.