Class Styles

A SlowLane Yoga class could be challenging, could be playful or could be soothing but you are welcome to all regardless of your experience or familiarity with the practice. 

We don’t belong to a “lineage” and our teaches draw on a wide range of inspiration from all types of yoga and other types of movement beyond. We believe in balance most of all, so we offer a mix of classes across the week which are “more yin” or “more yang” – we encourage all our community to strike that balance!

If you are new to Yoga we recommend starting with our Mellow,  Yin and Yoga Foundations. 

Vinyasa Flow.

Find Your Flow

A dynamic and flowing yoga practice linking breath and movement. In this class you will build strength, flexibility and concentration, strengthening the physical and mental body. Each flow class is unique and will vary from teacher to teacher.

New to Yoga? We suggest a few Mellow, Foundations or Chill classes to begin with 🙂


Slower Paced, Mindful Movement

If you are newer to the practice or looking for a class that moves slower, this is the class for you.

A slow and therapeutic flow class linking breath and movement, a chance to breathe, align and find your feet. You can expect a mixture of standing, balancing and floor postures that will offer strength and flexibility and still the ever-wandering mind.

Suitable for all levels/ Beginner friendly.

Yin & Restore.


Yin Yoga is a perfect complement to our more dynamic (yang) styles of yoga classes. Yin Yoga targets the body’s energetic system and connective/ fascia tissues. In this class you will experience a deeper stretch through longer holds and gentle movement, poses could be held up to approx 3- 5 minutes in length – this encourages deep states of mental and physical release. 

Suitable for all levels/ Beginner friendly.


Bliss Out

Feel the bliss at SlowLane chill. Take a little more time to unwind with a gentle, rhythmic flow and relaxed reclined postures. Move and breathe at an easy pace to unwind tension. Then finish with a nourishing guided meditation. Suitable for all levels/ Beginner friendly.