We at Slow Lane don’t belong to a “lineage” – our team draw on a wide range of inspiration from all types of yoga and other types of movement beyond. Each of our teachers is unique and brings their own experiences and personality – if you are new to SlowLane, be sure to try a few different teachers and experience the variety.


SlowLane Founder

Teaches with love and encouragement

Ocean dipper and star gazer

Earthy and a bit cheeky – an all round Kapha


SlowLane Founder

Teaches to challenge and energise

Kombi moocher and open road wanderer

Sensitive and loving daydreamer – a classic Pisces


SlowLane Teacher

Teaches grounding and calming asana

Self growth enthusiast

Ocean lover and van camper

Really really chilled… some would say too much


SlowLane Teacher

Teaches with energy – loves sweaty vinyasa

Outdoor lover – wishes could fly like a bird

Prone to talking legs off chairs


SlowLane Teacher

Teaches thoughtful and sustainable asana with love

Sunshine seeker and inner-city gardener 

Forever grateful to this transformative practice


SlowLane Teacher

Teaches rhythmic and whole hearted sequenced classes

If i were an animal, I’d totally be a cheetah, meow!


SlowLane Teacher

Teaches to calm and nurture

Follows the sun and ocean

Lover of cheeky and good vibes