Our Story

We are Feebs and iest – Dreamers of the SlowLane

Feebs was born a Melbourne girl in the Inner North but grew up in Wales, where nearly twenty years ago she fished out iest from the Goldfish bowl . We see life as an adventure with many chapters and as our path unfolded we wandered through Europe and beyond to Melbourne, spent a spell working on farms and babysat a winery in country Victoria. Onto New York, where we got lost until yoga found us and everything changed. Shortly after, a two week road trip to Queensland became years of misadventure where we delved deeper into on our practice and began to train, to learn and to share through teaching. Eventually, amongst the swimming with turtles and killer sunsets, we dreamed of creating something together and so in this chapter our meandering has led us home to Melbourne, to this community, stepping into the SlowLane.