Our Philosophy

Movement. Transformation. Community. 

This is the SlowLane Philosophy.


We offer a contemporary perspective on yoga. We don’t preach and we don’t take the path to enlightenment too seriously. In some classes we work up a cheeky sweat with good time tunes and in others we offer a window into deeper practices. Movement is at the core of our philosophy but this is not just about the physical postures, it relates to the movement that occurs through every system of our being, on the mat and off the mat.


Yoga is a fundamentally a transformational practice – something we believe profoundly as it changed our lives. This practice occurs on a physical, energetic, emotional and spiritual level – however, everybody’s yoga journey is different and we are here to support yours as it unfolds in the way the universe intended for you.


Our space is your space. It is a space to unplug, to rest and recharge – You are always welcome to stay a while in the space after class to just be. SlowLane is also a space to be challenged and to learn about yourself – this is the essence of SlowLane.

Our yoga community reflects the community. We are all ages, all bodytypes, all backgrounds. Our warm welcome reflects our reason for being here, our passion to share this transformational practice.