SlowLane 200hr YTT

Graduate Testimonials

Liefke – 2021 Graduate and Current SlowLane Teacher

Slowlane Yoga Teacher Training was an incredibly enlightening experience. Walking into YTT I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was met with amazing people, incredible knowledge, and the utmost respect for the practice of yoga and passing on those teachings. This course takes you on a deep journey of self discovery in the context of the rich practice of yoga, expanding your growth.

Slowlane YTT also taught the intricacies and practicalities of teaching a yoga class including structuring a sequence, the safety involved to execute certain poses and the flow of the class. This knowledge then allowed me to teach a 30 minute yoga class with confidence, knowing that there was so much support in the room.

While our YTT journey was disrupted throughout lockdowns, the Slowlane YTT teachers always made sure to keep everyone connected with extra efforts to connect via zoom to check in with us all and help us keep moving and motivated in our yoga teacher journeys.

This experience is filled with so much learning, tight connection, support and amazing memories. The Slowlane YTT course is a perfect mix of the amazing history and spirituality of yoga, the structure of teaching yoga as well as navigating teaching this practice in our modern world. It is a journey you will never forget so take the plunge.

Neisha – 2021 Graduate and Current SlowLane Teacher

Wanting to share my love of yoga with others, undertaking my Yoga Teacher Training at SlowLane just felt “right”. What I experienced through my YTT was a totally unexpected, mind-blowing and life-changing journey of self-discovery.

It was such a privilege to learn from an amazing team of supportive yoga teachers, who shared their wealth of knowledge in everything from yoga history and anatomy, to how to structure a class sequence, safely cue all kinds of postures, and so much more! They were so generous and flexible with their time (even throughout the highs and lows of Melbourne’s lockdowns which unfortunately interfered with our time in the studio together), and allowed us the space and encouragement to cultivate our individual curiosities and goals.

I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed learning of the incredible teachings and philosophy of yoga, which have given me a deeper respect and understanding of my practice, and reignited a spark for the benefits of yoga in my everyday life.

SlowLane YTT has without a doubt been the best thing I’ve ever done, a truly unforgettable 200 hours alongside a group of like-minded people who I’m now lucky enough to call friends. So whether you’re looking to teach, delve deeper into your physical, spiritual or meditative yoga practice, or undertake a journey of self study – this training is for YOU!

Mia – 2022 Graduate and Current SlowLane Teacher

Completing my YTT with Slowlane was such a speical experience. Having a more reserved disposition amongst new people, I was hesitant to commit to completing my YTT. I was fearful of ‘not knowing enough’ about yoga already, about not being able to do those ‘cool’ yoga poses my favourite teachers could do. But the teaching team fostered a safe and supportive environment which allowed me to immerse myself completely in the training. They made me feel like I could meet myself where I was at in my yoga journey. I never felt pressured or judged but held and supported. This YTT covered a such a variety of integral knowledge. We dove into anatomy, yoga philosophy, teaching techniques and safe asana practice. The yoga philosophy aspect of the course was very powerful for me. Before coming into the course I felt overwhelmed not knowing where to even star with it all! The teaching team curated the training to make all things yoga philosophy digestible and applicable. This YTT has brought yoga into my everyday life. It has truly changed the way I walk through my daily life and it has changed the relationship I have with myself. It developemd my confidence, allowed me to connect with like-minded people and built me up to teach a 30 minute class! I will always look back at this training with such fondness. The skills, connections and memories made through this course hold such a special place in my heart. Whether you’re wanting to connect with yourself, wanting to deepen your knowledge about yoga anatomy and teaching techniques or even wanting to meet fellow yogis who love the practice as much as you, then take that leap of faith! Slowlane has developed a YTT that allows for all of this and more.

Carol – Recent 2023 Graduate

Slowlane’s yoga teacher training was an enriching experience that I’d happily recommend. From the beginning, feebs, iest and the Slowlane team established an authentic and welcoming atmosphere, and this really fostered a genuine sense of community among us trainees. 

The Slowlane team shared their extensive knowledge of the ancient teachings of yoga with a genuine passion that made each class engaging and insightful. I especially found the extended practices to each be a superb treat that demonstrated, through their practice, the subtle magic underlying the teachings. The Slowlane YTT not only provided a solid foundation in ancient yogic principles but also offered insight on how we can incorporate these ideas into our daily lives. The team made the training accessible, no matter where we were on our yoga journeys. 

I’m so grateful for the enlightening, transformative journey, and for how my endless questions were always welcomed and addressed thoughtfully. I wholeheartedly recommend Slowlane’s yoga teacher training to those who’re ready to invest their whole selves to the experience, to make the most of all the beautiful offerings. To those seeking a profound, but warm and cozy immersion into the world of yoga, this is the training for you : )